Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Classroom Management Clip Charts {FREEBIE}

I've been doing a lot of reflection over my teaching career lately -- what with me job hunting, I feel it's extra-important for me to evaluate how I feel about teaching and each grade level so that I make sure I apply for jobs that would benefit everyone, should I get a new position.

As much as I loved teaching English last year, I found myself missing the elementary kiddos. That age group was originally my target when I was taking undergraduate courses for early childhood education, and I really miss those little guys!

I've decided to look for only elementary jobs. If it happens to be an elementary English teaching position, great! If not, I love teaching any subject to the little ones.

With that decision made, I've gotten to work creating a template of an elementary website for my {hopefully} future-classroom. I've been hard at work, trying to explain my methodology and management techniques to parents on our website so that everyone knows what's happening. I have been in love with Rick Morris's clip chart system for a few years now. I just think it makes so much sense, and I particularly love how there's an emphasis on positive behavior. I feel like traditional "pull a card" or "stamp your card" systems are rather negative, and I could easily forget to recognize and encourage all the great behavior in my class! I want to make sure I don't dwell on the negative behavior, so a clip chart system seems best to me.

Rick Morris's FREE Clip Chart eBook

While Rick Morris's free eBook (found on his website! Go look, people!) offers an order form for a heavy-duty, vinyl version of his chart for $20, I decided to make my own. I wanted to change the wording slightly, I wanted to incorporate some cutesy fonts, and...well, let me be honest: I'm a teensy bit obsessed with the Chevron print these days! I thought it would be a unique take on things if my clip chart featured a Chevron print in the background, so...I made my own.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of this digital design stuff, so please don't laugh at my chart! :) I haven't printed it out yet (that will be one of the first million things I do when I finally get a teaching job here!), but it looks good on the screen so far!

I posted it on my Teachers Pay Teachers store for free, but I realize that not all of my blog followers are TpT members, so I thought I'd make it accessable from this post, as well.

Below, I've used an interactive flip chart (created at FlipSnack) to upload the files to TWO Chevron-printed behavior mangement clip charts. Each set features 7 slides in 7 different colors: Pink (Excellent Choices), Purple (Great Choices), Blue (Good Choices), Green (Ready to Learn), Yellow (Think About It), Orange (Teacher's Choice), and Red (Office Visit). I tried to make the green label a bit bigger than the rest of the labels, since the majority of students' clothespins will probably rest there most of the time.

To use these:
  1. Click the "book" you'd like to "read." (The left book is the clip chart with the funky font, and the right right is the clip chart is the kid's handwriting font.) This will take the display to a full-screen version.
  2. View the two charts by flipping back and forth with the horizontal, page-turning arrows.
  3. Download the chart(s) by clicking the arrow that's pointing downward into a bracket at the very top of the display.
  4. Print the chart that appeals most to you.
  5. The green "ready to learn" portion should print at almost a full 8x11 landscape paper, while the other labels should print on individual pieces of paper (but not take up the entire page).
  6. Cut the labels out and assemble them on a long laminating sheet. Laminate for durability.
  7. Buy enough clothespins for each student to have one.
  8. Clip and enjoy a year of easy classroom management!
If you have any trouble downloading these charts, you could always just download them from my TpT store:
I'd love to know how this turns out! Please consider leaving a comment to let me know, or leave feedback at my TpT store to help me improve. :)


  1. I just started using the clip chart this year, and I LOVE it. I've seen a lot of teachers buy a big Vistaprint banner with their own images uploaded if they want a custom one that's still sturdy, so that might work with your images if you put them together!

    Mine is just made with construction paper and one piece of sparkly scrapbook paper. Kids love to make it "to sparkling!" and a sparkly sticker makes a great recognition. Plus, they get to sign the "Sparkling Hall of Fame" (fancied up black paper that they can sign with a silver Sharpie). I love how the kids cheer each other on. It really is a very positive system, and it's so easy for me to monitor, reward, and punish. (I have certificates, stickers, and 'think sheets' ready to go!)

  2. luckeyfrog: Ooh, the VistaPrint banner is a great idea. They're stuff is SO cheap but still a good quality. And I LOVE the sparkling level and the wall of fame! I bet the kids love that! Thanks for sharing. :)


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